Started “Cybele Safe Mail” service to solve the PPAP problem of attached mail.


In the midst of corona, remote work has become commonplace. Email in this
Is still central as a formal communication tool. However, confidential
How about the environment for sending and receiving information files? Security issues still called PPAP
There is only one way to send. Cybele Safe Mail requires no password, is automatic and state-of-the-art encryption
Technology encapsulates attachments. After that, just “send” with the usual sending procedure. Those who receive it
Just click on the attachment to open it with one email. Moreover, the sender will be attached later.
You can freely set the operation of the opening authority of the file. Revolutionary protection of attachments after sending
It is a mail service system that is compulsory in the era of remote work. You can use it now.
For details, please visit the following site.